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Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System

CARMEL, Ind., November 14, 2018— Nanovis, a leader in nanomedicine for the spine, today announced adding 22mm and 25mm lengths to its FortiCore® rotatable Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF) devices.

With over 5,000 FortiCore interbodies now implanted, Nanovis plans to further accelerate its technology driven growth with the expansion of their FortiCore PLIF product line with the addition of 22 mm and 25 mm lengths that can be rotated in situ for optimal placement.

This foundational nanotechnology patent, covering the use of ceramics on spinal implants with nanopores, builds on Nanovis’ superior portfolio of fixation technologies.

CARMEL, Indiana. – Sept. 11, 2018 – Nanovis, a leader in nanomedicine for the spine, today announced a licensing agreement with the University of Nevada, Reno for a key nanosurface technology patent covering the use of ceramics on implants with nanopores.
This foundational patent allows development of ceramics for medical implants with nanosurfacing that enhances cell binding and drug delivery depending on the purpose of implantation.

This funding supports surging demand from surgeons and distributors for Nanovis’ nano-technology enhanced spinal implants.

Carmel, Ind. (Aug. 21, 2018) Nanovis, an innovative and fast-growing technology company selling nano-technology enhanced spinal implants, announced today the successful completion of a $5.5 million funding round brokered by Commenda Securities. Key investors include Elevate Ventures, 1st Source Capital Corporation, Purdue’s Foundry Investment Fund, Commenda Capital, and Ellipsis Ventures.

Nanovis’ Deeply Porous Spinal Implants Show Favorable Clinical Adoption.

Carmel and Columbia City, Ind. (February 16, 2017) – Nanovis, a life sciences company committed to developing implant systems that reduce fixation related complications and infections, today announced the successful alpha launch of its FortiCore® PLIF featuring a deeply porous titanium scaffold interdigitated with a PEEK core, and implantation of the 2,000th FortiCore® implant.

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